Parish Link - August 2021

A Transfigured future

A Transfigured Future

Dear Friends,

An important need for this age is to somehow transfigure our vision for a post Covid Pandemic era which may well stretch out into the future. Behaviours will not wholly return to normal and, according to our scientists, neither will the future be covid free.

We will always need to have a care for each other which, when all is said and done, is at the very heart of Christ’s teaching for this entire world. But equally we cannot escape the same sentiments at the heart of a divine discussion which took place during Jesus’s transfiguration; an occasion which we remember this month.

Jesus, on his way to Jerusalem and death, is on a hilltop with three of his more senior disciples, Peter, James and John. As they watch, Jesus meets up with two noted prophets from Old Testament times, Moses and Elijah. Their discussion is about Jesus’s death and resur-rection and what lay ahead. It was clear that the Son of God needed to be strengthened and advised on what lay ahead.

So through being transfigured, Jesus can focus his mind on the future in order to get it right for the benefit of all human kind. We can see sim-ilarities for our own times here and now. Do we throw all Covid caution to the wind, or should we, for the foreseeable future, have a Christ-like uplifted vision and loving care for those around us.

Only you can answer that question but the compassion for others must surely feature in our transfigured thoughts for the future. I give you only one piece of advice, which was spoken at the end of Christ’s transfig-ured experience. A voice came from the clouds (God’s), “This is my Son whom I have chosen, listen to him”.

Be safe in the Lord