Parish Link - March 2022

Spring is on its way!

Spring is on its way! 

Dear Friends,

As I look out of my study window, I see snowdrops in bloom, and daffodils in bud. Spring is on its way! Or so I assume. There are things we know, (i.e. that we did put bulbs in the soil last year) and there are things we assume (i.e. that these bulbs will sprout and grow, and that flowers will appear). We assume it will be spring soon. So we live in hope.

In his famous book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis imagined a fantasy world where an evil witch casts a spell upon the world. It became 'forever winter, and never Christmas'. No lengthening days. No daffodils. No birdsong. No bumble bees. No smell of freshly mowed lawns, ever again. Spoiler alert: The evil witch eventually kills the royal lion Aslan. At this point she naturally assumes the victory. But Aslan knows a 'deeper magic': a power that brings life out of death.

Sounds familiar? As spring arrives in the northern hemisphere, the church engages in a time of reflection on the last days of Jesus' life. The season of Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and finishes at Easter. On Good Friday, we remember how Jesus died. At this point, the forces of evil assume the victory. But underneath the dark soil of the Passion a 'deeper magic' is stirring. On Easter morning God's power brings life out of death.

There are things we know. There are things we assume. And perhaps there are things we can only believe. We do not always see the light. We do not always have the answers. But faith knows about a deeper magic, which has the power to transform our life, the life of our community, and the life of the world.

Love and prayers

Revd Johannes Nobel