Confirmation literally means confirming your Baptism vows. If you were baptised at a christening when you were a child, your parents and godparents made these promises on your behalf.

What Is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a special church service in which a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptised. As a young person or adult, you may be ready to affirm these promises for yourself and commit your life to following Jesus Christ. At a confirmation service, you make these promises for yourself. Your friends and family as well as the local Christian community will be there to promise to support and pray for you. The vicar will lay their hands on your head and ask God’s Holy Spirit to give you the strength and commitment to live God’s way for the rest of your life.

What Is The Right Age For Confirmation?

There is no right age for a person to be confirmed. Anyone may be confirmed who has been baptised and if they are old enough to answer responsibly for themselves. As a general rule, anyone who is over 10 years old and can answer for themselves could be ready for confirmation, but the right time for you might be at any age

If you feel strongly for yourself that confirmation is right for you at this point in your life, it’s likely that it is. Pray about this and ask others in your church to pray for you. Talk to your vicar too.

Which Church Can I Be Confirmed In?

Confirmation normally take place at St Thomas's church.

Can I Take Communion After Confirmation?

After confirmation you continue to go along to church, joining in with worship and prayer and sharing in Holy Communion.

Confirmation at St Thomas's Osbaldwick

Do I Need Godparents?

At a christening, godparents stand alongside the parents to make promises on behalf of the child being baptised. At confirmation, there are no godparents because you make the promises for yourself, but you may be asked if you would like a sponsor to stand with you as a supporting friend in your journey of faith. Usually this is someone who has previously been confirmed. It may be one of the people who has prepared you for confirmation, a good friend, a relative, or a godparent.

What Is The Process?

The first step is to get in touch with us. You can do this in a numbers of ways; by using the Contact Us form on this page or by contacting the Vicar or Church Wardens either in person or via email in the first instance. We will arrange an initial visit to you to discuss your request and explain the process.

Not a Regular Churchgoer?

Confirmation is about being a part of the local and worldwide Christian family. If you would like to make this commitment, come and visit us and discuss this with the vicar.

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