Parish Link - December 2022

Parish Link

A New Editor

Dear Friends,

As my time as Parish Link Editor draws to a close, now is a good opportunity to reflect on what has changed in that time, say a few 'thank you's and look forward with fresh hope for the future.

When I first took on the Parish Link in May 2003, internationally the war in Iraq was starting, nationally Tony Blair was Prime Minister and locally Derwenthorpe was yet to be built. We had been living in Osbaldwick for 5 years, had a young family and I had a full-time job at the University of York, but the chance to make a difference and develop the Parish Link was a challenge that I knew I had to take. As you can see from the illustration above almost everything has changed in that time; I hope you agree for the better!

Editing the Parish Link, along with gathering the information each month and persuading advertisers to part with their money, has been a constant in my life and has been a source of great joy and accomplishment. After nearly 20 years, now is the right time to pass the baton to the new Parish Link Editor - Mia Sissons - who has been ‘in training’ over the past few months and I wish her every success in her new adventure.

The Parish Link continues to be a great source of mission and outreach for St Thomas’s and St James’s churches, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this. I will continue to be an active member of our churches as Reader and whatever other opportunities come my way.

I am grateful for the support and encouragement of a great many people; PCC members - past and present, congregation members, neighbours, residents, contributors, distributors, and advertisers for your time, collaboration, and friendship over the years. I know that you will continue to support Mia just as much in her new role.

My final thanks as Editor go to my husband, Nick and now grown-up children James and Alice, for their patience, time, love and help throughout my “Parish Link” years.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Julie Wainwright, Reader