Parish Link - March 2020

Seeking Love

Seeking Love

It’s that time of the Christian year again, the period of Lent, where, for some, minds turn inwards to examine their lives to see how to improve them. I want to suggest a different way to use the period of Lent both for Church and family. When Jesus was 'driven' into the wilderness, his focus was not on his own style of life but on what he had to do to improve the lot of humanity.

What did God need him to do to achieve that better society? So, let our first step be to discover what our community needs from us to improve it for the good of all. The second thing that Jesus discovers in his long, apparently, lonely vigil is that he is never alone. When he had reaffirmed what was needed, the angels administered to him. Our second step is to discover that we are always in the care of God and learn of that protection in our endeavours for Him. Thirdly, Jesus went out from the wilderness and sought help in calling his disciples.

Whatever challenge we are given, we cannot go it alone, so use this time of searching to bring on board those who can help us to share in the work given to us. Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes.

But the most important aspect of Lent, is to remember that Jesus said ‘Love God and love your neighbour as yourself’. So Lent is a time to seek out love within yourselves so that you are much more able to enrich the love within others.

Happy searching!