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Worship and Prayer

The Church's Year


It is the day when the Church tries to express the uniquely Christian understanding of God - that there is One God, who has revealed himself in three, distinctive, equal ways or Persons, as Father (Creator), as Son (Jesus) and as Holy Spirit (who empowers the Church).

This is a mystery, but not a nonsense! Many things are three and yet also one; think of an equilateral triangle, a three leaved shamrock or of the three ways in which we find water - liquid, steam and ice. These, of course are only pictures and images, for God is beyond all thought, yet made know in love.

One lesson of Trinity is the importance of worshipping God - of giving our minds and heart s to acknowledge his sovereignty over all our lives and to praise him. We never do this alone, because whenever we praise God we are joined with the whole company of God’s people on earth and in heaven - an encouraging thought!

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