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Worship and Prayer

The Church's Year

Other Special Days

Throughout the year there are special feast days and other holy days observed, some of which have a special colour - eg white for the Blessed Virgin Mary, red for Apostles and Martyrs. There is at least one special day each month.

Many of the days in the Church year commemorate lesser known saints up to 50 years before the present time. There are also major feasts such as the Transfiguration (6th August), Corpus Christi (Thursday after Trinity Sunday), the Annunciation or Lady Day (25th March), Michaelmas (29th September) and other lesser-known days such as Holy Cross Day (14th September).

While the Church observes all these different time and seasons, we are offering all our days to God in prayer and praise, that he may use them as he sees fit to advance his heavenly kingdom of love here on earth.

As one of the psalms says: ‘My times are in your hands.’

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