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During Lent Christians commemorate Jesus’s fasting and temptations in the wilderness. Lent was originally a time of preparation for baptism and many baptisms take place at Easter nowadays. Yet it is kept by all Christians as a time of ‘Spring clean’ and growth in our life with God and our following of Jesus.

Through prayer, self-examination and penitence (turning back to God) we seek to learn more of God’s love and grow closer to Christ.

The last two weeks of Lent are called Passiontide and second week of Passiontide is
Holy Week, when we commemorate Jesus’ last days on earth, his entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), and all that happened at his Last Supper (Maundy Thursday), his arrest, trials, condemnation, sufferings and death on the Cross.

This was all out of love for all humankind - ‘for us and for our salvation’ as the Church’s ancient Nicene Creed states. That is why the day Jesus died is called Good Friday. There are usually no colours at all used on Good Friday. Then comes Holy Saturday or Easter Eve, when we think of Jesus’s body in the tomb - and the hope for our mortal bodies.

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