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Church choirThe Choir

Osbaldwick Church has an enthusiastic choir, which leads the singing at the 10 am service every week, as well as on other occasions such as weddings.

We rehearse in church on most Thursdays at 7.30 pm for about an hour and everyone enjoys this time! The highlight of our year is the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols on the last Sunday before Christmas, but we also sing special hymns regularly on Sundays. We are always looking for more members. Enquiries to the Vicar or any choir member, please.

The Organs

The organ at St Thomas's Church was installed in the Autumn of 2009 through generous donations including one from the family of the late Valerie Clayden. The organ is a Wyvern Cantata I digital instrument with 31 speaking stops, and a range of playing aids, spread over 2 manuals and pedals. The console is located in the north transept and contains the main speakers, the sound being reinforced for congregational singing by two small speakers on the west wall of the nave.

The church previously contained a small mechanical action pipe organ of 2 manuals and pedals. The organ was positioned lower than the main church floor to accommodate the longer pipes but this had several adverse consequences, the most notable being the damp which eventually led to the removal of the organ in 2006. This instrument contained 8 speaking stops and is thought to have been built by the Nottingham firm of Musson & Compton in about 1905. When the church was enlarged in 1967, it was rebuilt by J.W. Walker & Sons Ltd of Ruislip into a new organ chamber on the north side of the transept. The main tonal change was that the Open Diapason on the Great organ was replaced with a 2-rank Mixture.

From the time that St James's Church was brought back into use in 1914, music was provided by a series of American reed organs, the most recent of which bore the name of Simon Stather of Seven Sisters, Tottenham. This was replaced in 2008 by a Wyvern Prelude 1-manual digital organ, given by Nicholas Page in memory of his mother Betty. Although the instrument only has 1 manual and no pedals, the keyboard can divide into Manual, Accompaniment and Pedal sections to give the effect of a much larger instrument. There are 17 speaking stops, of which 4 simulate Pedal stops.

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