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September 2019 - Love Bears All Things

Daniel (of the Lions’ Den fame) before he interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, in an attempt to pacify the King’s violence against the wise men of Babylon, praised God for the many changes He brings about, from the changing of the seasons our understanding of an ever changing lifestyle.

Yet the prophet Malachi wrote of God, “I, the Lord, do not change so that you are not destroyed.” Hence, Christians throughout the ages have faith in the changeless nature of God.

However we all know that change is the very nature of life even though it can be exciting, nerve-racking and fearsome all at the same time. This time of the year, for instance, change alters every students perspective on life as they move from class to class, school to school, school to college, college to university and academia to, hopefully, employment.

So if we have to change, why do we place so much store in a God who doesn’t, indeed shouldn’t, change for our very safety’s sake? St John, the last surviving Apostle, wrote that “God is love”. The unchanging nature of God is love itself. John tells us that it is His gift to you and me. In times of uncertainty love binds us together because we are all in it together.

So isn’t it wonderful to know that the nature of God’s love for us never changes and is ever with us?

Hence the greatest commandment of all is that we should “Love God and Love our neighbours”, for it speaks in words ‘writ large’, together, in love, we can face whatever change brings our way.

Be safe in the love of God


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