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September 2018 - Help!

The first thing people tell me when the Church asks for money is, “you have plenty of your own”. Yes the Church is worth about £8 billion, tied up in property bequeathed to the Church, cash assets to promote the Gospel in Outreach to the British Community at large, pay pensions, insurances and so on. So much so that, for example, Exeter Cathedral needs millions to repair a major structural fault and it has been suggested that it be sold if they cannot raise the funds.

But who is going to buy a cathedral or indeed St Thomas’s or St James’s Church? For we, equally, are responsible for the upkeep of our buildings without the backing of the Church Commissioners billions. We had a recent architect’s inspection and have been told we need to raise about £80,000 over the next five years to keep them in good order. This is over and above £78,000 raised for annual running costs and the paying for Christian outreach in this place.  

We have a worshipping community of about 78 people who need your help to raise this extra cash. Both St Thomas and St James churches are about 900 years old and have served this community in Christian outreach, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals throughout. It is here for you whenever you need it. We did think about a cash collection around the villages but surely paying into an “on-line” account would be more convenient for those of you who wish to contribute. Please give this your helpful consideration; being assured that as a community we have a duty to pass on the work of these churches to our future generations in this place. More to come when details are finalised. 

Thank you in advance

Jack Booth (Chair of Finance Committee) 

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