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September 2017 - Time for New Starts!

In September many people make new starts. Children start school for the first time, students prepare for university and employed people may begin new projects or ventures after the summer holidays. But whatever stage our lives are at, the opportunity is always there for a new start. I mean that whether or not we can change our outward circumstances, we can always review or change for the better our inward attitude.

It has been said that it is not so much what happens to you that matters, but what you do with what happens to you. That is to say that if we can perceive our personal lives differently or more positively, we can adopt a stronger approach to the way we cope with things. For instance, we might ask ourselves what new thing can I learn today and what new step forward might I make that will lead me to see my life more positively and live it better, with greater peace and satisfaction? I strongly believe that we should see each day not as just another day but as a new day, in which we can encounter and learn new things with a freshness of mind and heart.

A well-known hymn puts it like this:

'New every morning is the love,
our wak'ning and uprising prove;
through sleep and darkness safely brought,
restored to life and power and thought.'

This can be a motto or can be used as a prayer of thanks and openness to God.

Here is part of a lovely prayer which expresses this very well:

The incredible gift, Thank you for another day.
Crisp air of a new beginning, red sun rising.
All fresh and freely given.
No one has seen this day before.
Thank you. Amen.

(Fiona Marshal, writer, London)

May God bless you with new beginnings.


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