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September 2013 - A Way to Change

Many of us are not comfortable with change. It raises so many uncertainties and challenges that force upon us decisions which often cannot be put off. Change can be for good or bad over which we sometimes have little control. But one thing is certain, things cannot stay as they are – change is the lifeblood of evolution and progress.

September is certainly a month of change in nurseries, schools, colleges and the workplace. Some move up a class or year or enter the work market seeking employment with all the frustration that comes with that. The real issue is how do we manage change or help others in the process. This thought focused my mind on the on-going development of Derwenthorpe.

Questions such as how do we welcome those who have made a large change in their lives and how can we help them feel the change was worth it? Certainly it is very difficult to respond to this question of change when our own world fluctuates and our reference points are constantly moving. We need an unchanging point of reference to properly guide us.

I came across this sentence written by St James two thousand years ago. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Change is a gift of God and by making Christ our point of reference we will get it right and change will enrich us all.
May God enrich all you do in His name.


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