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September 2011 - Keeping a Godly Perspective

Recently, probably because I have been dealing with more life traumas than is usual, I have been called upon to justify the activity, or maybe, the inactivity of God. Why has God allowed this to happen to me? Why didn’t he do something about it to prevent this or that suffering?

Like most ministers I am left bereft of a fully satisfying response save to say that when we are in times of distress it is then that God performs great miracles. Of course some expect Godly activity in the astounding, the unexplained. But think on, when you were in a time of grief did people not visit? Did they not empathise? Did they not comfort you? Did they not help heal you?

Jesus said, “In as much as you did it unto them you did it unto me”, for these caring actions are the actions of a caring God arising from the divine spark of loving care within each of us. Therefore God is all around and meets our needs in the apparently ordinary and everyday events of life through very ordinary people. So you see knowledge of God is all about perspectives. We cannot fully know God or explain him to others; else God would not be God. Yet let us all try harder to see God’s miracle of healing love in each other and in the ordinary.

It can go unnoticed you know, just like one goldfish who said to the other goldfish, “Do you believe in God?” And the other goldfish said, “Of course I do, who do you think changes the water?”.

Jack Booth

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