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October 2016 - Let's Be Thankful and Generous.

Sunday 2nd October is Harvest Festival. In our country it is so easy to buy food - we simply drive to the supermarket and bring it home. This is not how it is in many countries. The fact that we can obtain food so easily means that we can easily take it for granted. A glance at any tin or packet reveals that our food arrives from a multitude of countries. It is to be hoped that all those who work to provide our food are paid a fair wage, whether it is British dairy farmers producing milk or farmers in the world's poorest countries.

At Harvest Festival we express our thanks to God in words but also in deeds, by giving to those in need. At Osbaldwick Church during our 8am and 10am services we shall follow our usual custom of bringing breakfast foods to church, which will be blessed and delivered to Carecent in the city centre. (Please see inside for what is needed.) If you can't come to church that day, but would like to contribute, please bring food and leave it in church the day before.

This year the Joint Churches Harvest Thanksgiving will take place at 6pm at St Aelred's. As is our custom, there will be a collection for Water Aid. This vital charity does wonderful work in many countries. Like food, it is so easy to take fresh water for granted but we should never do so. Water is the basis of all life on this planet and it should be valued. We can do this by being careful in our own use of water and also doing all we can to help those without an adequate supply.

So let's be thankful for our own food and drink and take this opportunity to be generous to others whose lives we can help to transform for the better.


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