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October 2015 - The Backseat Driver, Sorry, Observer

Don’t you just ‘love’ backseat ‘observers’, the Hyacinths of life who give a running commentary about all things peripheral and correct your driving errors to boot. Of course you are concentrating on the road and the traffic round and about!!! Yet when you think about it the backseat observer is a good analogy for the journey of life. So often we concentrate so hard on the road of life that important pointers are missed, the which make our journey so much nicer and safer.

Jesus fills such a role for me because I need someone to point out those important spiritual nuances which make me less self-centred and safer with others and particularly more useful to society. But Jesus is not our only backseat observer, for this month, we celebrate All Soul’s Day when we give thanks for the influence of friends and relatives who have departed this world but who are still bound with us on our journey and we to them, because of mutual love.

Love is a wonderful thing and whilst we can get carried away in our earthly travels, let us never forget the host of loving witnesses who urge us onwards and upwards, particularly the love of the Lord who wants only the best for us.

Don’t be like the driver who, seeing a police car chasing him, blue light flashing, stopped and protested his careful driving. “Yes nothing wrong with that”, replied the policeman, “but had you noticed your wife has fallen out of the car”. “Ha thank God for that, I thought I had gone deaf”.

Enjoy journey of October.


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