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October 2013 - Infinite Size....Infinite Love

Last month it was announced that the Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in September 1977, had left the solar system, the family of our sun and its planets and comets. It surveyed Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot and Saturn’s amazing rings and has been travelling outwards ever since. It will go on sending back data for a few more years until its battery runs out. It is the first man-made object to leave the sun’s influence on a journey that so far has taken it 12,000 million miles. Huge as this distance sounds, it is nothing in space terms – ‘just outside the door’. In about 40,000 years time it will approach the next known object, a rather insignificant star, and will travel on, for ever, into the unfathomable vastness of space.

All this celebrates a wonderful human achievement, but it also reminds us of our littleness. We live on a small speck … going round a small star … in a galaxy of 100,000 million stars … in a universe that may contain 100,000 million galaxies ….

We may be small, infinitesimally small, compared to the size of the universe, but we matter … to ourselves … to each other … and to God, who made us and the whole universe and whose love keeps it all in being. God in Jesus Christ has taught us that everyone and everything matters. For it all exists in God’s sight and in his eternal love, which is infinitely greater than the unfathomable vastness of the universe. Everything and everyone is worthy of love.

‘Compassionate God, as you know each star you created,
so you know the secrets of every heart;
in your loving mercy bring all peoples to your city of eternal love, joy and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord.’

God bless each and everyone of you who reads this.


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