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October 2012 - For What We Are About To Receive...

…may the Lord make us truly thankful, as the old school grace puts it. October is the month of Harvest Festival, the yearly time to stop and remember how dependent we are on other people, far away and near at hand, for our daily food. If we are ‘truly thankful’, how does that thanks show itself?

Pausing to think and to thank– of all those who bring us food, nearly all unknown to us– farmers, fishermen, all involved in food production and transportation– for their continual labour….. most of all to thank God for the skills he gives to people and the miracle of growth he provides….

Sharing earth’s resources more fairly we are full, but in so many places there is terrible hunger and want, as a result of flood, drought, hurricane, war and outrageous injustice. We need a better world order for everyone. So we appeal for gifts of produce and money to help those in desperate need, for we are all human beings, inhabiting the same planet.

Looking after our world for now and the future most people in the affluent West are aware of the threats to Earth’s future from global warming, pollution of land, sea and air and of depletion of the Earth’s resources. So we need to treat the planet with reverence and care. We did not make it … we do not own it … but God has entrusted it to us. As a famous chief said, ‘Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the children of the Earth.’ So each of us needs to think how we use or misuse resources lent to us for our lifetime and of our effect on others.

Our harvest services are listed here. All readers will be very welcome to join us in praise, reflection and prayer.

Andrew Clements

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