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October 2011 - Harvest Home....

October begins with Harvest Festival.  As in so many churches, we make a point of celebrating what we so easily take for granted – the miracle of the harvest and all that we have to eat all year round.  It is always good to stop, to think and to thank God for all that we eat and for all those who bring us our food from far and near.  In cities we are less aware of the vital importance of a good harvest, upon which all our lives really depend.  But our forefathers knew how devastating a poor harvest could be, which  – even in England – could have meant starvation.  In urban communities we so easily forget our utter dependence on what the earth and the sea produce year in, year out.  So much of what we eat and drink comes from places far away, where the prospect of good harvest is not sure and the spectre of starvation is often present.

If we are truly thankful, we shall show it.  We can do this by coming to a harvest service (see Diary for 2nd October) or by saying grace daily at home before a meal.  Another way is to help provide for the needs of others less fortunate than ourselves. At our two morning services on Sunday 2nd October we shall be bringing gifts of non-perishables for Carecent, that wonderful centre in town that provides thousands of breakfasts to homeless people every year. (Please see the list of what’s needed in Diary.)

During the evening United Thanksgiving at Murton Farming Museum we shall be making donations for the provision of healthy water supplies overseas through the ‘Turn On the Tap’ agency.  These are simple, practical ways of showing our thanks and our willingness to care for others much less fortunate than ourselves. As the Bible teaches, when we care for others, we are caring for Christ himself in them – what a privilege!


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