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November 2017 - Soaring with Christ

I like a good “burn-up”, so November is a special treat for me as bonfires are lit and people celebrate the demise of Guy Fawkes and the saving of King and democracy. The heat and the variety of colour erupting in the flames is amazing and exciting – I’m not an arsonist but I do love fire.

But November is also a time when we celebrate All Saints and All Souls which remind us of our obligation to times past and people who have influenced us personally and in history in general. Times which were both good and bad, joyful and sorrowful, times we remember with great joy and pride and times we would rather forget. Yet in all these we still celebrate the very fabric of the life which still surrounds us all.

When we look into a fire we marvel at the variety of colour, we enjoy its warmth and cosiness but we can also be overwhelmed and hurt by its heat – a bit like life really. So, what are we to make of the vast variety of life’s experiences but more importantly what will help us pick our way through the flames of life without them overwhelming us?

Well, November ends with the celebration of Christ the King, when we can soar the heavenly heights basking in and, hopefully, radiating the glory of God in Jesus Christ in our own lives. We need times like this because to be lifted above and beyond ourselves is the spiritual warmth that makes sense of the colder experiences.

Please don’t be afraid to soar the heights - the Church is here to help.

May Christ’s warmth be with you all.


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