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November 2016 - PTO and all That.

The abbreviation PTO is a step into the future. For some it may well mean more of the same and for others it will mean change.  As we turn the page each day the Book of Life reveals more and more of the wisdom of aging and God’s purposes.

This month it will certainly mean change for Julie Wainwright who will be licenced to be a Reader by the Archbishop of York on the 19th November in York Minster.  Please remember and pray for her as she begins her ministry of Reader amongst us.  

I remember a same sort of day, 35 years ago in Rhinedahlen (Germany).  It was a day of trepidation and excitement as I realised I would be about the Lord’s business in a very special role; not as an ordained minister but as one who must practice my faith in the workplace and amongst my peers.  

As I look back my feeling has been, and still is, one of privilege as I have been allowed to enter the page of so many lives at their most tender moments;  joy and sadness, gain and loss, new beginnings and earthly ends.  But I have become a PTO myself, only in my case this abbreviations stands for Permission To Officiate. I no longer hold a Readers’ Licence but have the Bishop’s permission to continue my ministry among you supporting Andrew and Julie in this place – on a back row so to speak.  

So for me the excitement and privilege of ministry continues only please remember – you know what “Boys on the back row” get up to – if you do tell me.

May God walk with us all on the journey of life.

Jack (PTO)

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