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November 2014 - For Peace's Sake

In late June 1970 the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, stood on a box in the garrison of Sharjah, in the Middle East, as we were withdrawing and told us that our contribution in protecting the oil lines in the Middle East had been vital to the defence of the nation. Forty five years later another Prime Minister stood on a box amid soldiers about to leave a theatre of conflict, Afghanistan, and said almost the same words but in a slightly different context.

When I saw this on our television the question foremost in my mind was “does anything change and are we doomed to constantly repeat the scenario of conflict?” This month we remember those 81 million or so people who have perished in conflict in two world wars and since and it would truly seem things do not change very much. Yet my response is – thank God, because what it tells me is, that in every generation, there are those “peacemakers” who won’t look the other way ‘for peace’s sake’”. The easiest thing to do is to seek an easy peace but such rarely endures and invariably is more painful for society in the long term.

Jesus said. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God”. To be a peacemaker is a call to sacrifice and our supreme example is the Christ who died on a cross to bring God’s peace to the world. That peace is worth our every effort not only in current theatres of war but in the everyday society in which we live.

The Peace of the Lord be with you.


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