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November 2012 - Remember Remember...

November is a month of remembering. 1st November is All Saints’ Day (Halloween is simply the night before All Hallows’/All Saints’ Day). On this day we think of God’s holy people in all ages, past, present and to come. Many of them are Christians, but not all. Saints are not only famous people; they are mostly unknown, yet all are known to God. They are ordinary people, just like us; you will know some and thank God for them and perhaps try to be like them.

2nd November is All Souls’ Day. This is a day to remember the faithful departed, particularly those we have known and loved who have died. We pray for them that God will grant them the joy of heaven. While AlI Saints’ Day gives us hope, All Souls’ Day warns us not to take God’s mercy for granted, nor to be cynical or apathetic about eternal things. We all rely entirely upon the mercy of God.

Then comes 5th November. ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot…’ While we may enjoy bonfires and fireworks, this day is a reminder of Guy Fawkes and the attempt in 1605 to blow up King James I and Parliament. It reminds us of sad times in our history which have divided us from each other - and of the urgent need to work for justice and peace today, no less than then.

11th November is Remembrance Sunday, when millions of people all over the country and the world will be remembering those who fought, suffered and died in the two World Wars and in all conflicts since – and those who are suffering now. It is good that this tradition is being maintained – and that the Government is to develop it for 2014, the Centenary of World War I.

So there is much to remember in November. Readers are welcome to attend the special services for All Saints’ Sunday, All Souls’ Day and Remembrance Sunday – details inside.

Best wishes to all who read this.

Andrew Clements

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