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May 2018 - We Never Walk Alone

A religious man set sail and noticed, after a day or so, that his boat had sprung quite a serious leak. A yacht, a ship and a submarine came and each offered to help him. To each he replied, “No thanks, God will save me”. Well inevitably his boat sank and he drowned. When he stood before his Maker he was outraged and reminded God that in spite of his faith God had let him down. God looked at him in pity and replied, “I sent a yacht, a ship and a submarine, what more could I do?”.

In the heady roller coaster of faith in Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection, ascension and the coming of God the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we tend to believe that God only provides through the miraculous in times of trouble. It is easy to forget that Jesus said as his parting words, “I am with you always, even to the end of time”.

Yet in life’s low moments when we want the miraculous we are apt to miss the many miracles performed around us every day by every day folk who, collectively, bear testimony to the presence of God in our lives. Sigmund Freud, the philosopher, accused Christians of using the image of Christ as a crutch to help them in such times. The late Stephen Hawkins’s solution was to look up and be challenged by the universe to improve our minds. But I say look up and remember the Holy Spirit of God, the Comforter, the Creator of the Universe and that his presence is with us in every offer of help and comfort through the most unexpected. 


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