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May 2017 - A Brushstroke of God

We all like to think that our lives count, whether that be in the family circle or the local community. However when we set that desire against the backdrop of the created universe, where size, time and distance are so colossal that our contribution seems both fleeting and meaningless - a “chasing after the wind” so to speak, life can seem pointless. Yet the Christian message is not so gloomy and transient. This month we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven.

His life, by earthly standards, doesn’t seem to add up to much and certainly not the stuff of enduring success - 33 years of life, 3 years of active ministry rewarded by crucifixion and an “iffy” resurrection. Yet try to look at the Ascension through the eyes of Jesus. Before him on the hill are his motley crew who have recently seriously let him down but who are the future of His Church on Earth. Yet Jesus is not dismayed for He knows something that we often forget.

Jesus knows that his life has ‘pleased’ God; God says so on the banks of the Jordan, on the hillside of Caesarea and at Bethany just before he dies. God is pleased with him and therefore everything Jesus did is lifted up onto God’s immense and eternal canvas of creation. It is a brushstroke of God’s design that cannot be obliterated.

So the message of the Ascension for you and me is to live life which pleases God that will become a brushstroke on the eternal canvas of creation – where all life has meaning and purpose.


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