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May 2014 - Look Up and Live

Approximately 1981 years ago a group of people gathered on a hillside at Bethany and witnessed Jesus ascend into the heavens. The Ascension of Jesus marks a point where God’s work in Christ Jesus was done and ours began. But what is our work for Jesus?

Jesus answers this, “to make disciples and to declare forgiveness of sins to all nations”. There is no doubt that the Christian message has spread throughout the world and has changed the world but how has it handle the message of forgiveness? If history is anything to go by – not very well, indeed modern society’s secular propensity towards equality and human rights seems to have fared better. Well this claim goes to show that firstly we didn’t and don’t listen to Jesus’ Good News of divine love anything like well enough.

Human love, though good, doesn’t begin to answer the needs of a peaceful forgiving society. Secondly we need to have the vision of Jesus in glory ever before us to inspire us which needs us to look up and see the ascended Lord in each other.

If we are always looking into the ‘pit of misery’; which often sees only the worst in each other, then that will motivate us and shape our future. But if we look for the image of the ascended Christ in each other then He will shape our every thought and action in exercises that forgiving healing spirit which Jesus commands us to share one with each other.


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