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May 2012 - Preparation is Everything

May can be a frustrating month for gardeners. The climate is warmer, the sunshine more plentiful tempting us to get the bedding plants in and change the garden from the drab of winter to the joyful colours of summer; yet beware, Jack Frost is never far away. So the wise gardener waits, tills and fertilises the soil, weeds and tends the seedlings in the greenhouse, getting ready for that moment when the weather forecasters of Gardeners’ World tell us it is reasonably safe get on with the planting outdoors. So it can be frustrating but it is a most important time because, in gardening, preparation and timing is everything. Get this right and the colours of summer will be magnificent.

If this is true for the growth in gardens it is even truer for our spiritual growth. After Jesus rose from the dead and before his ascension he must have prepared his disciples for the life that lay before them and yet, he still advised them to wait for the enabling Spirit of God before launching themselves into their mission, for the power of devil is never far away to stunt their potential. So they must wait for the Holy Spirit of God – which came to them at Pentecost. Only then could they fully blossom as Christ’s followers.

We do well to remember this for, as Jesus often reminded us, time spent in spiritual preparation makes the difference between living a mediocre life and one which is lived to its full potential enriched by God’s grace.

Jack Booth

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