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March 2017 - Reaching Out, Reaching up and Moving On...

Our world is very divided, with the human race torn apart by wars and conflicts between nations, groups and individuals. There seems to be little we can do, yet we can all take a part in bringing peace and making the world a better place.

Last month Julie reminded us of this, quoting the Queen and Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who taught that we can all perform little acts of kindness and help to anyone and so start to make life better. Whenever people do this, they are reaching out, building bridges of reconciliation between divided peoples and helping to breaking down walls of separation.

Anybody can do this, but the Church is here specially to do so in the name of Jesus Christ, who came to reconcile us all to God and to each other. Christians are to be Christ's body in the world today, continuing his work of love. Christians live life only in the power of the Spirit of Jesus within us, not in our own strength. So we need always to look to God, so that he may teach us and empower us to do his loving will more effectively.

Often we need renewal, to gain new vision and strength.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 1st March, a day for turning back to God, to reach up to God. Lent, like Spring, is a time for renewal and starting again, which is positive and joyful.

Only after renewal can we move on to do new things for God and other people, as we long to do This is not just for our sakes, but so that we can be better equipped to carry out God's mission of love in the world. Would you like to be a part of this? Then come and join us; you will be warmly welcomed!


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