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March 2014 - The Christian Spring

“I wandered lonely as a cloud” ... immediately our minds turn to the field of daffodils in Wordsworth’s poem about the joy of Spring. In a gardening programme I learned that the daffodil flower is already perfectly formed in the heart of the bulb. The programme stressed the importance of letting the foliage die back to feed the bulb properly. When the Sun warms the earth again, after winter, the flower will begin its journey from the heart of the bulb to become its crowning glory.

It is a good analogy of the great truth of the Christian message of Lent. We will think of the Son of God who, like us all, was born with the nature of God within. We will read again how he grew to the full stature of manhood, revealing the glory of God in the most perfect way, how mankind felt threatened by him, savagely killed him and how, through dying a terrible death, he bequeathed the spiritual sustenance (food) necessary for us to properly grow and flower as God intended.

It is a powerful time of the Christian year which, for us, coincides with the power of Spring and the beauty that will be all around us. The last Sunday of this month will be Mothering Sunday when we hope you will join us at 10am to celebrate family life. You will leave with a bunch of daffodils to remind you that the nature of God is already perfectly formed within you – it only needs the warmth of the ‘Son’ to blossom.


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