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March 2013 - Easter - Daffs, Bunnies and Chicks?

In the first few days of the New Year, my wife was in a supermarket and noticed that all the Christmas decorations had already been taken down. When she asked why, she was told, ‘Yes, because the Easter eggs are coming soon.’! Right now the shops are full of Easter cards and eggs, even though there are almost 6 weeks to go.

We rush to anticipate Easter, but what it’s really about? Judging by many of the cards, you would think Easter is about daffodils, bunnies and chicks - all signs of spring. Yet in the southern hemisphere Easter comes, not in the spring, but in the autumn, as days go shorter and darker, and the earth prepares for winter ‘down under’. Bulbs, bunnies and chicks – and chocolate - are all lovely and the living things can be seen as symbols of new life. Yet these do not lead us to Easter, only to spring.

Easter Day (31st March) only comes after 40 days of Lent, which come to a head in Holy Week, when the Church everywhere remembers the last week of Jesus’ life on earth, ending with his death on the cross and his body resting in the tomb. Only after this do we celebrate Easter – the Rising Again of Jesus from the dead. That is what Easter is really about. Without Jesus’ dying and rising there would be no Easter – no Church, no Bible, no Christian history, no Christianity at all – and you certainly would not be reading this Parish Link!

So, let’s all have a Happy Easter, remembering to thank God for all he has done for us in Jesus and for the Eternal Life he offers everyone – then let’s enjoy the signs of new life that show us spring is here – as well as the chocolate!! God bless you all who read this.


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