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March 2011 - A Time to Consider

Lent is the period where Christians observe a period of prayer and self-denial. Doesn’t this seem harsh and certainly not very spiritually appetising; perhaps even frightening? Yet if I were to suggest that Lent is a special period to think about living life by faith, hope and love you would find it much more appealing. After all these are the qualities that most of us try to live everyday life by? Jesus told us that people cannot live by bread alone so perhaps we need a time to remember that life is much more than amassing comfortable things.

Life is about having proper inclusive values which serve others needs. Jesus told us to worship and serve the Lord only. Life holds out nothing to us beyond death - but to serve the Lord is to live in the hope of a just and fair rule of God on earth now and in heaven for eternity. It’s a positive frame of mind connecting us with the life-force of the universe. Jesus told us not to put the Lord your God to the test. Don’t try to bring God down to our level when times are difficult and incomprehensible.

Rather live by the rule of love which up-lifts us into God’s presence in times of trouble, allowing us a vision of endless possibilities. So to live by faith, hope and love needs us to be always in tune with the things of God, to deny ourselves so that we can serve and love each other the better. Surely this is worth a special time for consideration.

Jack Booth

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