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June 2018 - Living By Love

Did you watch the Royal Wedding on TV last month? Millions did, both in this country and overseas. Over a hundred thousand people went to Windsor in person to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on their wedding day. It has been estimated that perhaps a billion people watched it worldwide!

Weddings have a fascination for many people, whether married themselves or not. There is something exciting, romantic and encouraging about two people making a public lifelong commitment to each other which touches us deep down - even though we might at the time be thinking more about the dress, the bridesmaids, the page boys, the pageantry and the pomp! This is very good, not only for the couple, but also because the marriage service says: 'It enriches society and strengthens community". In other words a marriage is meant to be a blessing, not only to the bride and groom but also to society as a whole.

Another way we celebrate marriage is by the keeping of anniversaries, especially the 'Big' ones - Silver, Pearl, Ruby, Gold and Diamond. These are milestones in life which give occasion for thanksgiving and recommitment, as well as providing a good excuse for a party!

A good marriage needs to be both romantic and practical, in which the couple really know each other and commit to a lifetime together “ 'til death us do part". At the heart of it all there must be love. The American Archbishop who preached at the Royal Wedding spoke passionately about the power of love, not only in the life of a bride and groom, but also in the lives of human beings everywhere. True love has the power to redeem and transform both individuals and the whole of humanity. The Bishop urged us all to imagine a world ruled by love, a world where love is the norm, not the exception. Such a love would make poverty history and transform our lives. Such a love is like a fire that has limitless power and cannot be put out. As we rejoice with Harry and Meghan in their new life together let's carry that challenge to love in our hearts and show it in our lives.


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