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June 2017 - The Race of Life

This month the Race for Life will be run at the Knavesmire; many people united in a cause to save and protect lives.

It is also the month of the General Election, when we will be united in choosing the Government who will lead our country through the BREXIT negotiations.

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury recently wrote to the Parishes and Chaplaincies of the Church of England to remind us of “the personal costs and burdens carried by those in political life and by their families”. They encourage all of us to use our vote, whatever our political persuasions.

We all carry burdens one way or another, some of which we are often in a rush to rid ourselves of. Would it be helpful for us to sometimes pause and reflect on our lives rather than always pushing on to the next thing on our to-do list?

Jesus often withdrew from the crowds to spend time in prayer and reflection. Perhaps this time out gave him the opportunity to become refreshed and energised in his life and ministry.

In a recent advertising campaign I heard a rather appropriate slogan; “We only get one life — let’s spend it well”. In our busy lives we all need the ability to stop and enjoy the life we have, so why not do that for a change?


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