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June 2016 - The Faith and Fate of the Nation.

June will be a significant month. Thursday 23rd is European Referendum Day, when voters will decide the future of our United Kingdom - whether to remain in the European Community or to leave it. This may be the greatest decision for a generation or more and, its consequences will last for decades. There are strong, sincerely-held views on both sides. Do we have faith in the continuing value of European membership, or do we prefer faith in ourselves as a nation, that we can go it alone?

I ask everyone reading this, whatever your views, to seek wisdom on this momentous issue. It is a moral duty to vote and to vote for whatever you sincerely believe to be the best course. What we believe determines how we live and the kind of people we become as individuals and as a nation.

For believers, the wisdom we seek comes only from God, so we should pray for his Holy Spirit of truth and love to guide and direct us.

Before this day of decision comes, Friday 10th to Sunday 12th isthe weekend of national celebration of HM the Queen's 90th Birthday and 64-year reign. Several vital things have sustained the Queen over all these years: her family life, her sense of duty to others, and her faith in God, demonstrated year by year on so many occasions in a reign of momentous change. She is seen by millions as a steady rock, yet also able to embrace change.

Let us thank God for the Queen's steadfastness, praying that God will refresh and renew her calling and her ministry to our nation, Commonwealth and beyond. May her example of devotion to God and service to her people be an inspiration to us all here - as it is the envy of so many in other lands that long for the freedoms and blessings we enjoy.

May God increase our faith and guide our future.

Andrew Clements, Vicar.

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