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June 2015 - Quiet Reassurance

We have again been reminded of the awesomeness contained within the world on which we live. The recent dreadful earthquake has brought untold misery to the people of Nepal and, even though time is passing, I ask that you continue to hold them in your prayers over the many months it will take to rebuild their lives and their community.

It is often at times like this though that we wonder about the nature of God. How does he let these things happen? Well we are in the season of Trinity when we think about the nature of God and of course into the mix goes the idea that God is revealed in the awesome power contained within the whole universe. But is it right only to associate God’s power with the awesome and the dreadful?

Elijah was a Prophet or Seer who lived about 2600 years ago and he too associated God with the awesome and the powerful – storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and the like. God showed him that his real power was not in any of them. His real power is within you and me bringing into existence the quiet voice of God’s reassurance of help in time of need.

This voice comes to us in all sorts of ways and through all sorts of people. For the people of Nepal it is to be found in the dedication and determination of relief agencies. For you and me it is to be found in the quiet reassuring voices of professionals, friends and neighbours willing us to better things.

May God’s peace be with you.


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