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July 2018 - Rest or Retreat This Summer?

Many of us will have already planned our summer holiday; a time to put our feet up and relax during time off from whatever keeps us busy during the rest of the year.

This time off is important for a variety of reasons, not least to re-charge our batteries for the months ahead, and dare I say it, in the lead up to Advent and Christmas!

I hope that whatever else you do this summer that you do get chance to enjoy time off. We know that Jesus needed time off from his ministry, although I don’t think that he cruised in the Caribbean or sunbathed in Spain! Nevertheless Jesus, needed to retreat from the crowds, but also to pray. He physically removed himself from distractions, the call of the disciples, and the demands of the people following him, in order to make space for God.

By resting or retreating we withdraw from the challenges of our modern life and in doing so we create the opportunity to stop and consider how to make a fresh start. If need be; to listen to gain fresh perspective on our lives or a situation; or simply take time away from the crowds just like Jesus, our great example, did.

I wish you all a very happy and relaxing summer.


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