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July 2014 - Those "Pick-Me Up" Moments

In July this parish celebrates both our Patron Saints: St Thomas, Osbaldwick and St James, Murton and we hope that as many as possible will join us in these patronal celebrations. Talking of celebrations, having passed the half year point we are now on the run down to Christmas – please be kind, I just want to beat the shops in preparing you to part with your brass!!!

Seriously though, celebrations play an important function in our lives because they lift us out of the drudgery of daily routine and bring families together in an atmosphere of joy and goodwill. So if you, like the Church here, are celebrating an event this month we wish you joy and good fortune.

There is something else about celebration, though, which must not be overlooked. It is about rededicating ourselves to make life better not only for ourselves and the family but for society at large. The drudgery of life needs “pick-me-up” moments to recharge and revitalise ourselves. Jesus reminds us of this truth when he describes the fathers response to the return of the wayward “Prodigal Son”. He didn’t lecture him, he just loved him and said, “Let us have a feast and celebrate”.

If we could approach daily life with this type of loving attitude all life would always be a complete celebration. But in the lack of it, let us always thank God for the “pick-me-up” moments of life that come our way. Thinking of which, if you are going on holiday, have a really good time.

May God bless you all


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