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July 2013 - "Just in Case"

Don’t you just love the “just in case” packer who insists on packing two or three pullovers, thermal underwear and a scarf when holidaying in the Mediterranean at the height of summer. “Ah you never know” is the response which justifies the bulging suitcases and the 2 or 3 kg baggage overweight.

Yet when I think about it the “just in case” mentality arches across every aspect of life. We try to prepare for every eventuality at home, in our careers as well as our social life just so that we will not be taken unawares. More importantly it makes the statement that we are self-sufficient and have everything needful for the journey of life; nothing will catch us unawares.

Some might even pop in the bag “the Divine Being” as an extra insurance. This is good for at least it acknowledges a need of Him even if only in an emergency because everyone knows we cannot guarantee the course of life. So it would be so much better if we see our God as an essential item of our journey because only He can guarantee the journey of life.

At the time of Jesus of Nazareth, travelling was dangerous and he advised that his followers travel light with only the essential things and to him God was essential, not an insurance against misfortune but for the whole package of life. On a practical note Jesus’ advice is still good for the modern holiday maker as a safeguard against baggage overweight and the stress of carrying it.

Have a good and peaceful holiday.

Jack Booth

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