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July 2012 - It’s Time To Gala…

..and so we shall, on Saturday 14th July. Come to the Derwent Arm’s field from 2 o’clock onwards to enjoy the bouncy castle, the slide, the rides, the stalls and displays, the music; to buy the glorious home-made cakes etc. and, wait for it – be photographed holding the actual torch which held the Olympic Flame 2012.

Now don’t you be saying no one spoils you – it is a time for the community to gala. It is an ancient custom which finds its origins in the mist of time in Arabia where a gala or a Khil’a was a fine garment worn only on festive occasions such a majestic events, sporting challenges, to celebrate the good fortune of nature and lift the spirit of the community. We always need to remember that life was given to us to enjoy as best we can, and this even in times of uncertainty and hardship. Joy seems to make the burden of life that much more bearable and joining in a festival event, as we have witnessed on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend, makes everything seem so much better. It is the “joining in” which builds a positive attitude in community.

Jesus knew this very well. He even poked fun at the straight-laced religious community who, when the flute was played for them, refused to dance. Well on Saturday 14th the flute and a few other things will be played so come along and dance with us and enjoy yourselves for in being joyful we show of community in gala – in its finest apparel (another word for garment).

Be happy because it is a gift of God.

Jack Booth

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