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July 2011 - Something Special

Two special dates for your diary. The 3rd July, the Patronal Festival of St Thomas’s Church, Osbaldwick and 17th July that of St James’s Murton. St Thomas “the doubter“; however, on hearing of Jesus’ danger in Jerusalem, St Thomas is the only disciple willing to put himself in harms way for Jesus.

After Jesus’ ascension, Thomas writes a gospel, travels to India to spread the good news and is speared to death at Malapore. Hardly the actions of a weak-kneed doubter. Of St James we know little because his ministry never got going. He was in the “inner circle” during Jesus’ ministry on earth so Jesus thought him to have special potential. After Jesus’ ascension he fades into the background, however King Herod of Jerusalem believed that he was special to the young Church because he has him beheaded as a deterrent to other believers in Jesus.

So we honour two men who, like us, had to work out their lives in the light of Jesus and who stood by their Lord in the face of death itself. In the suburbs of York we probably wont be asked for so great a sacrifice, yet Jesus always asks us to be something very special, where we are always ready to live out our faith in community and to share it with those who are not sure and apprehensive.

So to both the “sure” and the “not-so-sure” come and join us for one or both of these celebrations and together we will try to be something special for the Lord .

Jack Booth

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