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February 2017 - Love Is...

Who remembers Kim Casali’s Comic Strip couple from the 1970s? It depicts a (mostly) romantic ideal of love for each other but it made me think about how we show each other our love, not just romantically but a basic human love for one another.

On Christmas Day last year I listened to The Queen’s Speech and was moved by the words of Saint Teresa of Calcutta “we can do small things with great love”. She recognised that small, selfless acts of kindness often have a great impact on peoples’ lives and these life experiences will in turn lead them to do the same.

The Queen demonstrated that it is easy to think of the world’s problems as being so big that we cannot possibly help. Maybe we can’t, but what we can do is give hope to others through small acts of kindness. Perhaps you may not think that love is the motivation behind what you do or have done, but one small act of kindness for someone is enough to show them hope, that someone else does care; whether it is opening the door for someone, picking something up that has been dropped or simply smiling and saying “Hello” to someone in the street.

Jesus performed many acts of kindness and he didn’t discriminate; he simply wanted to show God’s love to everyone. A love that is patient and kind, protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres. (1 Corinthians: 13)

We all want a love like this, and if we have it, then why don’t we share it with others too?

Julie Wainwright

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