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February 2013 - Godly Perspective

Bad fortune comes in threes, or so believes my dear wife. Well if that is true I have had my quota for the year. A great family sadness awaits us, my car is crumpled somewhere and my sewerage drain blocked and overflowed. If this thought is true, which I doubt, then I believe in an alternative which I know to be so. Good fortune also comes as three in one. I believe in a God who created the heavens and the earth.

Let us pause there and take in what that really means. The beautiful, amazing, abundant world set in the midst of a heavenly firmament is high on our thoughts as we join with our astrophysicists to marvel at our very existence. So the first good fortune comes with the knowledge that our heavenly Father bequeaths this to us for our use. I also believe in a person who came to our earth to show us the loving nature of our Father and promised that if we follow in his footsteps hope abounds. So a second good fortune is that we don’t have to be constantly weighed down with despair because Jesus, the Son of God, wants something far more positive for the human race.

And finally, the third bit of fortune is that the Spirit of God remains our constant companion and is the wisdom by which we can make sense of our world and the people within it enriching everything God has made. The only difference between the three woes and the three fortunes is that the former will pass and the latter never leaves us and indeed helps us when the triple woes intrude on life.

May God’s grace be with us all.

Jack Booth

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