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December 2015 - What's Your Favourite Christmas Carol?

One I like is 'Lovely in your littleness', written in 1998 by Pamela Hayes. It teaches us how Jesus came the first Christmas. It tells of Jesus 'lovely in your littleness .. longing for our lowliness' bringing 'hope within our helplessness' and 'love within our loneliness' .. 'touching us with God's caress' .. and of how 'peace comes with gentleness, filling hearts with gladness', and of Jesus as our joy.

When God sent his Son he did not come with power, pomp or fanfare, but quietly, humbly and unrecognised by most people. God came to earth in the littleness of a baby - weak, helpless and vulnerable.

God did not send Jesus into a safe, comfortable, cosy world of 'sweetness and light', but to the world as it really was - rough, violent, heartless and cruel - just like our world today. Jesus was born in a stable, not a palace. He lived in poverty, obscurity and danger, for it was not long before Herod was trying to kill him - so the Holy Family had to flee - as so many people do today. Jesus grew up in Nazareth, an obscure town, living a humble life, unknown to the outside world until he began his ministry. He lived among weak and frail people - and died on a cross for love of us all, to bring us back to God.

Jesus comes to our world today in the same ways. His love never forces or coerces, but is offered gently, humbly - to be received or rejected, welcomed or scorned. God makes himself little in our eyes so that anyone may find him - if we live simply, gently, humbly, for God works in no other way. If we are to find Jesus today and share his love with our dark and needy world, we shall only do so if we copy his loving simplicity and learn from him about the love that triumphs over all evil. But when we find him we find love, peace and a joy this world can neither understand or overcome.

May you know that love, peace and joy this Christmas.


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