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December 2014 - The Gift of God

This month, wishing to state the blindingly obvious, Christians celebrate Christmas. Simple words really but life changing in conception for it is nothing less than an occasion where we celebrate the time when God, creator of heaven and earth, laid aside his power and glory to become one of us in the ‘Babe at Bethlehem’. The thought of God giving himself to us is indeed a cause for celebration and I truly hope you all have a very merry time.

However, before we start celebrating, another thought, which is so essential to our celebrations, about what God does for each one of us, even in these modern times. Christmas is a happy occasion for most people but the incarnation was not only intended to be the gift of happiness, it is much, much more; not all people are able to be happy all the time and God intended that his gift is for all, whatever race, creed, colour or state of well-being and is for all time.
The gift of God is himself and our scriptures tell us that God is love. So the power of Christmas is that God’s love has come to earth and is given to all; it is a potential within each one of us.

So if we are going to celebrate this gift of love properly, this Christmas, then we must allow all the love around us to feed the love within us to bring us peace, especially in difficult unhappy times.

Enjoy the gift of God – God’s peace to all.


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