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December 2013 - The Manger in the Heart

Last month we sent off 120 shoeboxes of presents for needy children, each one filled with little gifts that give great joy. A little act of love goes a long way for someone in need.

God works in little ways just as much as in big ways. At the first Christmas, Almighty God, the Creator and Ruler of the Universe, came among us in the simplest way that we can understand, to be born as a helpless baby into poverty. There was no room at the inn, so Jesus was born in a stable; he had no cradle, so he was laid in a manger. Mary’s son, Jesus, was also God’s Son, born as one of us, in small, simple and humble form.

This Christmas Jesus wants to be born again, not in a manger in a stable but rather in your heart and mine and in the hearts of all who will accept him. In other words we shall only find Jesus if we approach him in the same way as he comes to us – humbly. We shall only have a truly happy Christmas and we shall only find its deepest joy if we live humbly and simply, as God did in Jesus.

So, in all our business this December let’s keep this in mind. Let us try to think, to speak and to act with love and humility to everyone we meet and in all that we have to do.

A very Happy Christmas to you all!


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