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December 2012 - A Christmas People

“Ah, what gift can I give relatives and friends for Christmas? – ‘tis a problem!!!” We want to buy something they will like and be useful all the year round - but what to buy for Christmas? We hate it when we get that lukewarm response – “it’s really nice”. We know full well that in a respectful lapse of time it will be put in the “unwanted drawer” or donated to the Church “Bring and Buy” stall labelled “not wanted”.

Christmas is a time to give gifts and what we know, least I hope we do, is that at Christmas we celebrate God’s gift to us in the form of a child at Bethlehem. Jesus Christ was given to be useful throughout our lives not just at Christmas and I think God is interested in our response to his gift. Do we embrace this gift and use it to direct our lives or do we give God a rather limp response “it’s really nice but” and then, when Christmas is over, consign God’s gift to a drawer marked “unwanted”. This is how the angels described God’s gift to us, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all people”. Who of us does not want and need goodwill and peace throughout our lives?

So it really does not make much sense to consign God’s gift of Jesus Christ to the “unwanted drawer” because, God knows, we all really do need Him if we are going to be a “Christmas people” of peace and goodwill all of the time.

A very happy and blessed Christmas to you all.

Jack Booth

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