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December 2011 - God Came as a Child...

As I write this it is the time of the BBC Annual Children in Need Appeal.  A record £26 million has already been raised for this worthy cause that helps so many children living in disadvantaged circumstances.  Despite the on-going financial crisis, large numbers of people believe that children are very important.  Many people and groups make great efforts and give money to provide practical help.  This shows that children are considered valuable and that helping them to have a better life is a duty on us all.

This Christmas we shall celebrate once again the birth of Jesus. When God came among us, he chose to come as a child, the baby born at Bethlehem.  He did not come in power or with show, but quietly, humbly, simply, as a tiny child.  In his childhood Jesus was vulnerable (he soon had to flee King Herod) and throughout his life  he chose to associate with humble and poor people - and he made time for children.  Jesus taught that whoever wants to enter God’s heavenly Kingdom can only do so as a child - that is, with humility, gentleness and in simplicity of heart. 

Here is a lesson and encouragement for us all.  Our valuing of children reflects God’s valuing of all his children - the whole human race - and what pleases God is to value children and to care about all who are poor and vulnerable.  Our attitude to children and needy people is a sign of our attitude to God himself, who came in Jesus to live among us and to share God’s limitless love and Eternal Life.

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you all. 


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