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August 2019 - All You Need is Love... and Appreciation

Can you tell that I am a Beatles fan? I like a good song or hymn, and when I preach I often think about or listen to music, for inspiration. And inspiration is a good thing, especially when it comes to writing sermons or even articles for the Parish Link! This month, however, it came from an email that I received regarding the Parish Link. I have written previous articles about love and how we can share it with others, but with love also comes appreciation - or at least we might hope it does.

The email that came was actually an entry for the word search - isn't technology wonderful? I haven’t received one by text or WhatsApp on my moblile phone just yet, but give it time! It came from a parent to say that their child had spent time with a grandparent doing the word search and thanked me because this simple activity had given them both great joy completing it together.

It is moments like this that tell me that the many hours spent editing the Parish Link, photocopying it, folding it and distributing it around Osbaldwick, Murton and Derwenthorpe are worth every single second, if it gives one or two people such joy or time to share something together.

It takes some considerable time and effort from everyone involved in its production, and for all these processes to come together, so that you can sit down with a cup of tea and read our Parish Link at your leisure, and if you are in the mood, do the word search too!

It is a good reminder not to take for granted little things that can give great pleasure. So enjoy your special moments - and when you can, thank the people who have made it possible!


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