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August 2011 - Ends, Pauses and Starts

LAST MONTH two famous things came to an end - the News of the World (after 168 years) and the Space Shuttle (after 30). Though they have finished, it is very unlikely that they will not be replaced. Whether you liked or loathed NOTW, it was the world’s most successful paper and such is the appetite for scandal that a similar publication may well appear - though not here!

As for the Shuttle, we may be sure that the quest to explore space will continue and that in time human beings will again travel away from earth to explore what lies beyond. Human determination will bring about both these things.

But between these ends and beginnings there is a time of pause, reflection and re-thinking. This is true of many things. Things come to an end - be it school, job, club or activity - and there follows a time of pause, stillness and rethinking. But if the quest is thought worthwhile, something will emerge to replace the old.

August for many people is a time of pause and refreshment, in which people take holidays before starting anew in September. Whether or not you can have a holiday, I hope you will have a chance for pausing, refreshment and renewal, which are so necessary for health of body, mind and spirit. Here is a prayer which you might like to use:

Heavenly Father, we thank you for times of rest and relaxation.
Teach us to use these to rebuild our bodies and renew our minds;
may we be strengthened and refreshed in spirit for our daily work and the service of your kingdom;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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