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April 2018 - Feeding Our Faith

Last month, on Mothering Sunday, we tried a different style of service. We set out the church in an informal manner and offered refreshment at the beginning of the service rather than at the end, in the form of tea, coffee, juice and Simnel cake. This is known as “Café Church”.

Mothering Sunday is also known as “Refreshment Sunday”, and the fasting rules for Lent are relaxed on this day. The food mostly associated with Mothering Sunday is a Simnel Cake which is a rich fruit cake with two layers of almond paste, one on top and one in the middle. It is made with 11 balls of marzipan icing on top representing the 11 “good” disciples. There are only 11 because Judas is not included.

The name Simnel comes from the word “simila” meaning fine flour, and cakes of this type have been in England since around the 13th Century. Different regions have slightly different recipes. Our services often need to have slightly different “recipes” too – for if we stick to the same service every week we are not nourishing our faith. We need to have variety in our church in order to reflect the different people sharing their worship with us.

We all share in being part of the family of God, because we are each unique in our own way. We are valued for the qualities and gifts we bring to each other every day, and this applies just as much outside the church as inside it.

Perhaps next time we do Café Church, there will be coffee cake – why don’t you come along and find out for yourselves? We intend to have Café Church on the first Sunday of every other month, and the next one is to be on Sunday 6th May and this service will also include a Baptism.


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